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More about me

I’m a native Texan who has lived the majority of my life in Houston. I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Baylor University in Waco, Texas.  Sic ‘Em Bears!

Database technology has been my passion since taking my first database course in college.  That was when I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up – a DBA.  After two years of database programming, I got my wish to be a departmental DBA for SQL/DS (IBM’s VM RDBMS later rebranded DB2).  I really enjoyed getting into the internals and understanding how it interfaced with the OS and hardware to make it perform better.  This interest then led to a position in the Systems Data Management group where I was responsible for SQL/DS installations, upgrades, training, documentation, and 3rd level troubleshooting for the departmental DBAs.  I was also the liaison to the vendor for support issues.  While in the Systems Data Management group, I became involved in GUIDE – the IBM Users Group.  I held several volunteer leadership positions in the SQL/DS Group and had my first experience with “community”.   I also worked some with DB2 on MVS.  Then I got the most wonderful opportunity… to figure out how to provide this new client/server technology using Microsoft Windows and SQL Server – in an enterprise environment longing for freedom from mainframes.   That has been my focus since 1994 starting with SQL Server 4.21 for Windows (although I still have a shrink-wrapped box of SQL Server 4.2 for OS/2!).  People ask me if I get bored doing the same thing for all of these years and I always answer “no”! The technology (and management organization!) keeps changing with every release and there is always something new to learn.  Ok – so maybe there was a slight stretch of boredom around 2004 while waiting for SQL Server 2005 to be released, but that worked out well for me personally as I got married that year!

The thing I missed the most when I first started working with SQL Server was the “community” which I was part of in the GUIDE SQL/DS world.  Thus, I was very excited when I learned about the formation of PASS. I attended the first conference in 1999 and immediately volunteered.  I have served on several committees over the years and have also been a speaker for several years.  In 2001, I helped to restart the Houston Area SQL Server User Group and was the Chapter Leader until July 2015.  I have found the SQL Server community to contain some of the most brilliant and giving people that I’ve ever known.   This blog represents my effort to contribute to that community.


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