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SQLSaturday #308 Houston – Selected Sessions Final

Thanks to everyone who submitted sessions for SQLSaturday #308 in Houston on May 10th. I think this was definitely the most difficult selection process of the 3 SQLSaturdays that we have held. Lots of great sessions were submitted from a really large pool of speakers. For those who were not selected – PLEASE do not take this personally! It primarily came down to a balance of session topics spread across as many speakers as possible – we have 48 speakers for 60 sessions.

If you only submitted one session and we had multiple similar sessions to choose from then if your abstract didn’t really stand out in that category, it may not have been selected. If you only submitted one session on a topic that no one else submitted and we did not select it, it may be because we thought the topic was too narrow or the abstract didn’t clearly express what you planned to present. If you think it may be your abstract keeping you from being selected, check out any of several posts that Brent Ozar has done over the years on Abstract writing for tips to improve. And, in the future I would recommend submitting at least 2 topics for program committees to choose from to improve your chances!

So, with that all said, here are the selected sessions alphabetized by speaker last name.

Last Name First Name Session Title
Adams Ryan SQL 2012 AlwaysOn Quickstart
Adams Ryan How Active Directory affects SQL Server
Bansal Amit R S Mind your IO: Resource Governor shows you How
Barnes Bill Fill Factor: Performance or Nuisance?
Bell Chris The Spy Who Loathed Me – An Intro to SQL Security
Bertrand Aaron T-SQL : Bad Habits & Best Practices
Bertrand Aaron Top 5 Ways to Write Effective triggers
Bourgon Michael SQL Watchdog – find out instantly when SQL changes in production
Brown Wesley Fundamentals of SAN, NAS and IP Storage
Chaves Warner The Super Trace: Introduction to Extended Events
Cherry Denny Storage For the DBA
Clark Tamera 45 min to build your first SSRS report
Cook John SQL Server 2012 Analytic Functions
Costello Tim Windowing Functions
Costello Tim Pro Tips: Tuning the data flow in SSIS
Curnutt Mindy SQL Server Bingo – Install, Migration & Config
Cutshall Aaron The Lost Science of Set Theory and Relational Algebra
D’Antoni Joseph SQL Server–All About HA and DR
D’Antoni Joseph In-Memory Columnstore Indexes–Make Your Data Warehouse Fly
Edmondson Garret Measuring Data Warehouse Performance
Edmondson Garret Data Warehouse ETL
Edwards Lori SQL Server Statistics – What Are The Chances?
Gable Glenda Data Warehouse Indexes
Harp Vicky Edge Case Testing for the Database Professional
Harp Vicky Care and Feeding of Your System Databases
Hays Mike Troubleshooting Your Network Connections
Herold Amy Making the Leap from Developer to DBA
Hokanson Kris Beyond the Where: Full Text Search tips and tricks
LeBlanc Thomas Attributes & Hierarchies in Analysis Services 2012
LeBlanc Thomas Execution Plan Basics – Beginners
Lopez Carlos The Transaction Log Internals
Lopez Karen Database Design Contentious Issues
Lopez Karen Windows Azure SQL Database Design: Concepts and Trade-offs
Loski Russ Introduction to BIML and BIMLScript
Loski Russ SSIS project deployments with multiple developers
McCown Jennifer T-SQL Code Sins
McCown Sean DIY Performance Reporting
McCown Sean & Jennifer DBA Career Roadmap
Mendo AJ DBA Survival Guide: Daily Checklist and Server Monitoring
Mitchell Tim Scripting in SSIS
Mitchell Tim 15 Quick Tips for SSIS Performance
Moreign Valentino and Anthony {Tex} The Cloud and I
Murphy Jim Mission Possible: Interactive Performance Troubleshooting – Indexes
Norman Tom Converting Unreliable Deployments Into Consistent Releases
Parekh Aashish Speed, Depth & Flexibility – Having it all with real-time SSAS
Rodarte Rudy Expand your TSQL: Intersect, Except, and Apply
Schilling Dane Taming the T-Log
Serra James Best Practices to Deliver BI Solutions
Serra James Enhancing your career: Building your personal brand
Speshock Carl Microsoft Predictive Analytics/Data Mining Overview
Stein David Writing Your First BimlScript
Sterrett John Table Partitioning: the Secret Weapon for your Big Data Problems.
Sterrett John Proactive Monitoring with PBM and CMS
Stewart Robert SSAS – An Introduction to Multidimensional Cubes
Tidwell Lance SQL Server Agent: The life preserver for the drowning DBA
Wilson Derek Tabular Data Visualized by PowerView
Wong Jason Ah, ha, how do you automate database administration?

If you are thinking there are some pretty big topics missing from the above list, you are correct! We will be having 3 additional sessions presented by TechEd speakers on PowerBI, Hybrid Cloud, and In-Memory.

The final schedule will be posted on the SQLSaturday #308 website in the next few days! So stay tuned!



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